Aliens Meme is not just about Giorgio A. Thoukalos

Aliens Meme have become so popular that people like Giorgio A. Tsoukalos are known more as “Alien meme guy” than for their alien research. An alien program on History channel made Giorgio who was just an actor to be an alien researcher.

Aliens Meme

But there were things that made to the success of the alien meme guy, things you would not know about Giorgio

Lets have a closer look at the Alien Meme start:

He is of Greek Australian Heritage and was born in 1978 in Switzerland. So for all who have been thinking that he came down from space, we checked with himself, he said no. The only time when people thought seriously over his alien influences was when he spoke 5 languages and that too fluently. Your alien guy can speak very fluent Greek, German, French, English and Italian.In the not so fluent list there are some more 3 languages that the alien guy can understand and speak. Not just that, he was a promoter of body building after his studies in Ithaca College. After some time of being in this industry he was introduced to world of aliens by Erich Von Daniken who was then working on his book Chariots of Gods. Giorgio studies under Daniken and started to love the theory of aliens. Further which he became director of his society for Aliens.

Aliens Meme Best

He came into the real news as a researcher when he published his online journal “Legendary Times”. This journal was the only one out there to talk about Theory of Ancient Astronauts. Usually, celebrities are not very comfortable when their memes are made out by fans over social media. But Giorgio is very cool about how people flooding the whole social media with his aliens meme. When asked in an interview about how people make fun of him on social media, he was very coolly replying saying that people love the show and him so much that they have made him as an image of the aliens theory. It is a usual thing that audience on social media takes some influential people and make them say what they want them to say if not in real but through memes and the same is happening through his Aliens Meme Guy.

Earlier on the show when he had a normal hair style, he was just another story teller. But since he changed his hair style to the all straight hair, he became a fun picture for people to joke around. He later on the viral, wrote on his Reddit account “It’s done by a plenty of Hairspray”.

Generating Aliens meme is really something that is  drawing many fans. There are many  websites that allow you to generate aliens meme through their live portal. In case you don’t want to generate one, a normal google search for “Best Aliens Meme” will also fetch you nice results. And some of them will roll you down on the floor laughing. Few of the best ones that we found rolling over the internet can be found down on this page itself.

Giorgio’s Aliens Meme and his studies

The way he has been taking these kind of questions in public is impressive and shows the level of his intellect which is totally opposite of what these images have portrayed. He might not be best of the scholars when he entered the alien research industry through Eric, but soon after his interest in the area made him study the subject much deeper. And today without any second thoughts it can be said that he is the most known celebrity when it comes to the researches on aliens. He indeed is not just an aliens meme today but an alien scholar. An Alien Scholar who is cool about his Alien Jokes and memes. His journey from a small garment model to an Alien expert has been fantastic and there is no reason for him to not be happy about it.

Let us also bring the legend some respect.

Collection of Best  Aliens meme:

aliens meme trump

Aliens Meme

Aliens meme


3 thoughts on “Aliens Meme is not just about Giorgio A. Thoukalos”

  1. You are right, this guy surely deserves more respect. People have just been making fun of him. He has made aliens a known phenomenon to a normal human. Else alien theory was actually alien to everyone.

    1. Shiri, this guy is so cool about his memes, why are you so serious about it ? He has said many times in his interviews that he is okay with his alien jokes and memes. You is happy to keep the world happy.

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