Tiny Monster War 4 and Aliens Meme

Aliens Meme

Aliens meme has now been connected with the famous game Tiny Monster War. Tiny Monster War is a very famous game which allows you to collect eggs from different monsters. There are two types of eggs for each monster, one is Normal and other is mythic. All different eggs are available for different amounts. Points in the game can also be used to buy these eggs. Points are earned through different ways, either by fighting and winning more fights or by buying straight off.

Aliens Meme

Aliens meme which earlier were famous through only one picture which you saw always have now also been replaced by the Game’s icons. The game has gathered many players across the world and all are enjoying playing the game. Characters in this game are very funny and hence connected more often on the public forums as the Aliens memes.

Aliens meme and their imitations

Though this game is one the very popular ones out there, but there are couple of other games as well which are equally famous such as, “Happy Aliens” and “Mountain Fight of Aliens”. When Monster Aliens was released, there were few other games out there doing good in the same niche but after the release of this game other games sort of disappeared and this one took over all others.

Finding best of games in this category

Like we said all of these games work on the same basics of collecting something and then making points over either fighting or though buying them. Actual fun begins when you play with some other fellow friends online and everybody competes live with everyone else. This works online where the game server combines everybody playing and makes the game to be working in live.

Hope this makes us more aware of the other games which are available as options when you want to play them, its not only the Tiny Monster War game that is only available to you.




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